VIDEO: Mortuary Attendant Threaten To Hit His Wife With A Hammer (Watch here)

Mortuary Attendant Threaten To Hit His Wife With A Hammer

A man threatened to smash his wife with a hammer but Concerned residents of Kabobola broke the doors of a Coffin Shop Sunday morning and stopped an ongoing dispute that could have turned out very badly.

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Byta FM Staffer reports that this same man whos details are unclear at the moment intended on killing his wife and later commit suicide inside the Coffin Shop at Kabobola market over a marital dispute.

Just after the residents forced the door open, this man ran out of the building holding this same hammer he wanted to murder the wife with.

Meanwhile, his wife narrated that he locked the doors to the Coffin and Shop saying he wanted to kill her and later commit suicide, while accusing of her hiding their children.
She denies the allegations, while explaining that he hit her with a plunk which she blocked with her hand.
The man, believed to be an employee at the Mazabuka General Hospital ran away while charging that he is still coming for her.
Reports indicates the couple has not been together for a week.


Watch the video below.

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