The Game Is Prepared To Drop The New Eminem Diss.

The Game Is Prepared To Drop The New Eminem Diss.

The Game aims on proceeding with a challenge and diss Eminem on wax.

That much his manager Wack 100 revealed in a Clubhouse room. He said that The Game has a diss track and even a response to Em’s hypothetical response. This team is gearing up for an epic battle:

We are starting the fire. The black Slim Shady. It’s coming, and nigga better be ready because this nigga went crazy. The black Slim Shady. We’re coming for Eminem. He coming like a motherfucker. [Eminem], responded to Machine Gun Kelly and Nick Cannon. It is what it is.

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Added More Up

You know that Eminem is a disrespectful nigga. He disrespected his own mama. He disrespected himself. That nigga talked about killing his baby mama, putting her in the trunk. If he don’t mind doing that to himself, ain’t no limits what he gonna do to another motherfucker. Ain’t no boundaries with this nigga. He ain’t got no boundaries with himself.

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