“The Game Has No Chance Against Eminem,” Says Math Hoffa, Graph and More

A recent Math Hoffa  barbershop discussion where, The Game claimed that he his better than Eminem, the only good part about this is that is a very smart business move but the claim is unsubstantial.

According to Grafh’s judgement, he said that he is very much familiar with this tactic, and that he as used it before.

What Game is doing, that’s business. He’s putting his name in the conversation with other niggas. I do that all day. He wouldn’t got mentioned next to Eminem in no other way. It’s a chess move.

But Math Hoffa just wanted a very straight forward answer, to a simple question who would be the favorite in a hypothetical battle between Eminem and The Game. he made it very simple.

Nobody’s fucking with Em, he’s too lyrical. Nigga’s an animal. Em influenced my shit too. He is one of the GOATs to me. His skill set is alienlike.

Battle rapper H20 supports this opinion:

I feel like Game’s been reaching. Eminem is Eminem. So what’s a better person to come when you’re doing an interview with N.O.R.E. on the Drink Champs? What’s a better person to come at than Eminem? Probably the biggest name in hip-hop

Grafh added some more.

I put my name next to Eminem’s in all kinds of wild shit because I wanted to be in that conversation. But I believed in what I was saying too. I think Game believes in what the fuck he’s saying. I wanted to be compared to the nigga.

Does anybody else believe in that? That’s the question? And the whole room agreed that no, nobody takes Game’s claim seriously. Not to slander the ex-G-Unit rapper, Esso makes a point:

The Game can rhyme. He can fucking rap. But is he rapping on Em’s level? No. Everybody knows that.

kkkkkkkk this is very fanny and Entertaining to watch as the  whole barbershop agreed, watch it below

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