Tech N9ne Talks About Being Compared to Eminem 

Tech N9ne, his one of the best hip hop artists in the music industry, He would never go mainstream, but many industry top figures pay him respect and seek collaboration.

On the podcast of Holdin Court podcast, he mentioned the bizarre feeling of being appreciated for his work by superstars without even expecting their recognition:


I’m just a small town country boy straight from Kansas. Keep in mind, I was always a weirdo to everybody with red hair and a painted face. I could not believe when I started doing shit like Paid Dues and Rock The Bells that Raekwon would come up to me like, “I love your shit”. And KRS-1… When Sway and King Tech first put me on “The Anthem”, and I ran into Eminem, and he knew me, and all these motherfuckers knew me! I felt like I was just an odd man out. I didn’t know they were paying attention all these years. I didn’t know T.I. was in jail, and the white boys were playing my shit. I didn’t know fucking Wayne was listening to “Questions” on the “Gang Related” soundtrack. They tell me all this shit how they found out.

I had no idea that KRS-One knew who I was, and Raekwon was coming up to me like, “Hey, man, we gotta get together and do something. I love what you do!” Even Russel Simmons [gave me thumbs up].

I was in another world, I didn’t know. It felt wonderful that I found out that Wayne told Grandmaster Flex or somebody that he wanted to talk with me. And he put me on the Carter IV, and I went on there and shredded.

Tech N9ne also mentioned how perplex he his when compared with Eminem.

Added more

It’s also a weird thing, when people mention Eminem, they mention my name with it when it comes to lyrics. It’s a weird thing because I’ve just been doing me. I ain’t trying to sound like nobody, I ain’t trying to act like nobody. Everybody get it twisted. We rap fast, but we don’t sound anything like Bones, Twista or Eminem. We sound like ourselves.

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