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See How To Promote Your Music In 2022 As An Upcoming Artist

How to promote your music as an upcoming artist, and make your music go viral.

Most people ask a very big question when starting their music career, the question is, “How to promote my music as an upcoming artist“. If you are an upcoming artist then this is the right article for you, just read from start to end, you be able to promote your music in just 5 easy steps.

  1. Use Social Media Publicity
  2. Offer Some Of Your Songs For Free Downloads
  3. Know your audience & focus on your niche
  4. Do Free Shows Regularly Or Just Attend
  5. Make Good And Clean Songs

1. Use Social Media Publicity

As an upcoming artist you need to make a very big social media presence, you need to make use of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok and so on. In this way you will be able to interact with your fans and be able to know what your fans want and like, also you need to update your

profiles regularly so that your fans are up to date with your music, by updating your profiles time to time this will make it easier for people who are searching for you to be able to find you real quick.

2. Offer Some Of Your Songs For Free Downloads

Even you, you cant just go online and start buying songs for an artist you never head or seen before, so now for you as an upcoming artist what you need to is to offer some of your songs for free to download, and in this way you be able to go viral much faster, and by offering your songs for free you need to

upload them to well renowned music blogs like when you upload your song on your song will go viral all you have to do is to share the link to your fans through your social media platforms.

3. Know your audience & focus on your niche

Where and to whom do you want to market your music can really make a big difference. Thriving music subcultures exist in all corners of the world, some huge and sprawling, some small and dedicated. Finding, knowing and exploiting your musical niche is key to your promotional campaign.

It might sound obvious (and it should be) but if you’re a metal band, play metal venues, join a metal community and win metal fans. If you’re a rapper, find rap venues, join rap communities and win rap fans. And so on.

But niches aren’t always defined by genre. If your music has more widespread appeal, start locally. People generally want to see an artist from their area succeed. Take advantage of this mentality and grow your fanbase close to home to before expanding nationally or even globally.

4. Do Free Shows Regularly Or Just Attend

Attending shows does not mean just show up and watch others perform, when you attend a show make sure you get noticed be it a club performance or a Sponsored show just make sure you get noticed, above all that make sure you your self do free shows more often, the more you appear on shows the more you are building your artistic profile and this will make people start looking for your songs.

5. Make Good And Clean Songs

It does not matter which genre of music you are in it be Rock, Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, Dance-hall, Classic, what matters is the way these songs are produced and by this i mean, does the song have meaning or what is this song talking about those are the main key points you need before you even pick up a pen

and paper. Also no one will want to listen to a song that is not well produced, make sure the song is well produced and mastered before releasing it to the world, people want songs that have meanings when listening to it even when you stop listening to the song you have learnt something from the song.

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