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Pamela Video: Trending Disturbing Video By Pamela


“Just from speaking to the family. The girl runs the booth as her business. They asked for business transaction and she followed them. They took K13,000 and demanded K15,000 from her family. They have been sent K10,000 and demand K5,000 by today 11 hours or they will take her out. The video was sent to the family via whats app via a new sim and later deactivated. Someone decided to leak the video, and

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they have since gone quiet. . Unbelievable this is happening in Zambia. We need all human rights bodies to be involved, we need Muvi TV, ZNBC, Diamond TV to cover this story and Ministers making statements over this. Can women walk in the streets via organised protests for this young lady. We cannot watch this easily. Her family is in discomfort. The police is aware and no reports of locating her so far. Please this 22 year old was busy doing her own business and was captured….Please contact the family rep on +260 96 9435416 Freedom for Pamela is all we ask, we want her alive. Pam Ela hang in there darling.” James Mwape

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