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Mutale Mwanza Threatens To Match To ZICTA NAKED If No Arrest Will Be Made In The Case Of Pamela

Also Check Pamela Video: Trending Disturbing Video By Pamela

Zambian well known media personality Mutale Mwanza, as given a statement saying. She will much naked to ZICTA if no arrest is made for the culprits who are holding Pamela Chisupa.

Pamela Chisupa is a young lady who was abducted by unknown people who letter posted a video of her being torched demanding a ransom for her to be set free.

Like many Zambian’ Mutale Mwanza has taken interest in the case and she has promised to do anything in her power to help in rescuing Pamela Chisupa

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She Wrote

M – Nation 💣
How long should we wait for this Pamela situation to be acted upon before the
M- Nation marches to the ZICTA offices ai ?Women & Men get ready!
I will head the March myself !
We will shave our heads in solidarity and March naked if we have to !
This is not the Zambia we want !
Time is ticking ! I’m agitated ! 
Ti Marchinge?
Please advise.


I submit.

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