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“Livingstone has no Member of Parliament (MP)” – laments Peter Liyungu

A concerned Livingstone resident by the name of Peter Liyungu laments that Livingstone has an ‘ABSENT MP’ which simply means ‘NO MP’. He writes on his facebook page:

“Livingstone has for long time suffered due to absent leaders who are only present to their close associates and not the people that voted for them so is the case of the current MP.

When is it was time for elections we saw the honorable aspiring MP move about the streets of Livingstone, he would interact with the general public including the smallest of the individuals. He used to pick up calls and would have conversations and I would personally talk to him and give a few hints on how the campaign could be done.

After elections, the MP disappeared from the public and only makes himself available to people that he benefits from and the rest of the poor voters, its only the name MP they have to their vocabulary. Its a shameful thing to note that at the time when others were busy engaging with their electorates to appreciate the level and depth of challenges in communities and thank them for the votes, Our MP was no where to be seen and was only being busy being a Minister than an MP for his people that made it possible for him to win.

What is the Problem?

1. It’s the first time he has ever gotten involved in politics and Livingstone made an error for it is such a big constituency.

2. He had lost the primary Elections meaning; even the local structures of the party never knew him.

3. The people Voted for a Party and not the Individual so we suffer the consequences.

4. He is afraid to face the problems people are going through in these communities.

We must run away from sugar quoting our leaders by pleasing them through lies but tell them the truth. If Honorable Sikumba does not change, he will be the worst MP in the Ruling government in Livingstone. People had great expectations but rather getting the worst. I personally wrote a letter on behalf of close to hundred youths who wanted to engage with him on a number of challenges and make submissions that could be tabled in parliament but alas a deaf ear was given from October, 2021 to date. I also learnt on how much he has failed to meet even the constituency lower party structures.

In my Conclusion, Livingstone Central Constituency has an absent or rather has a standing in MP who is never present to perform his Duties as MP but only interested in being a Minister.

Peter Liyungu
The Voice”

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