King Los Found Some Good Things in MGK’s Beef With Eminem

King Los Found Some Good Things in MGK’s Beef With Eminem

“It’s good to see white on white crime”, King Los jokingly commented while praising MGK for daring to take a shot at Em.

I think MGK did a good job. I think he did a good job with Em. I think there were several different nuances that you could appreciate from both sides just in seeing a good battle. I think MGK said a lot of things that were personal. He took a personal approach. And I think Eminem took like, “I’m the lyrical giant. I’m Eminem for a reason”. He took that approach. I think that was great. It was like David and Goliath. You are in awe of the giant but you gotta love David for throwing that rock. You gotta love him for taking shots at the throne. You gotta love that shit. I think it was beautiful. It’s dope. And there’s two white boys. It’s good to see white on white crime every once in a while. It’s always us, we always got so much attention. It’s good to see white boys do their thing. Y’all get it in, sit back and watch.

King Los together with MGK they were signed to Diddy’s Bad Boy Records turns out  that has a soft spot for a flexible artist:

Crazy ass white boy. Lyrically… I actually went on tour with the kid. Sold out everywhere. He’s a rock star. It’s so much more to him that I didn’t know. He came out playing the guitar and just being a rock star.

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