Jack Harlow Thinks Eminem is Underrated

Jack Harlow Thinks Eminem is Underrated

In his first Rolling Stone cover amazing story, Jack Harlow refers to Eminem’s music as immortal and calls out young rap fans for not appreciating it enough.

The quote that Rolling Stones chose for publication reads:

He finds it “tragic” that some young rap fans don’t appreciate Eminem’s music (including some who refer to his beats as “circus music” on Twitter). “But I think that shit is still forever immortal, and we’re gonna get back to it,” he says. “We’re a couple years away from everyone reviving that shit as a culture and being like, ‘Look at this shit.’ And everyone’s gonna pay their rightful respects again. No matter how the production ages to people, like, he put so much into his words that it immortalized him, even though that shit aged as ‘circus music’ to [some] people.”

If you have been following this story then you are not surprised, Jack has expressed this regret before, together with his appreciation of Marshall’s legacy.

Listen to Eminem — Killer (Remix) feat. Cordae & Jack Harlow below:

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