In 2022 Eminem As Gained Over 1 Billion Streams and  2 Million Followers on Spotify

In the 2022 Eminem as gained over 1 Billion streams and over 2 million followers on spotify.

As the year 2022 begun Eminem started making streaming numbers than ever before. We could say the run-up to the Super Bowl Halftime show led by Dr. Dre and its aftermath brought a lot of media and public attention to Eminem’s music, this brought a very big positive effect, making Eminem to be getting the large numbers in streams and social media followers.

Also he his still on the top 10 on the Spotify Daily Artists chart, and he is clocking around 20 million new streams from his catalogue every day.

This is another good sign of Eminem’s growing popularity is his expanding Spotify following. Em celebrated the milestone of 50 million followers in December 2021. He came into 2022 with 50.8 million followers, now it is 52.8 million.

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