“Give me a discount for the pregnancy…. I am still a school boy” – Monze man tells court

A Man of Monze has begged his girlfriend’s father for leniency before the Monze Urban Local Court, saying he needs a discount after impregnating the daughter saying he is still a student.

Byta FM Monze Court Journalist reports that Pearson Tembo of Siyeendeende Village sued Junior Simujaye of St Mary’s Compound, demanding K15, 000 as compensation for causing pregnancy.

Tembo tells the court that Simujaye impregnated his daughter in 2019 and was charged K15, 000 in 2020 after his daughter gave birth.

He complains that no money has been paid to date, with Simujaye and his family not giving any explanation as to why the payment is not being made.

Simujaye admits to impregnating Tembo’s daughter in 2019, but argues that he was only charged for the offence in February 2022 and not in 2020.

He is willing to compensate Tembo, but says he is still depending on his parents for school and would only be able to pay after this season’s harvest.

Senior Local Magistrate Hellen Moonga ordered the defendant to pay Tembo K9, 000 in monthly installments of K300, starting with an initial payment of K500 in April.

This is in view of the fact that the Simujaye readily accepted the charge and admited to have not made any payments.

Src: Zambia Today

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