Court slaps alleged scammer Paul “Milo” Kawewe with two (2) years imprisonment

The 21-year-old youth, Paul Milo Kawewe, who was recently arrested for allegedly using renowned entrepreneur Brian Chanda’s Instagram account to swindle members of the public has been sentenced to two (2) years imprisonment.

In December, police announced the arrest of Kawewe of Mtendere East in Lusaka for allegedly impersonating various business houses and people, including acclaimed entrepreneur Chanda Brian.

The youth allegedly advertised Mr Chanda’s products through a fake Instagram page called “Chanda Brian 2000.”

But Mr Chanda discovered that the suspect would collect money from unsuspecting members of the public via Airtel money.

Police announced the recovery of 19 sim cards from Kawewe which he allegedly used for scamming people to a tune of K1million.

He has told the court that on the day of his arrest police confiscated a bag containing more than k 8 000 and phones .

He then asked that the money be given to his family members.

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