Conway the Machine, Did Not Use Any Eminem Beat In His Album.

Conway recently released his much anticipated album tagged “God Don’t Make Mistakes”.

Conway said, “God Don’t Make Mistakes” could have sounded differently, but it would not be organic.

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the impression that I already have “Bang” for the album. This was before it got leaked, and we didn’t use it for the album. So I really wasn’t hard pressed. And I’m not that kind of person, I try not to be too greedy, like, “Argh, I need a verse! Let me get a beat too! Let me produce this song!” I like to show that I can stand on my own and hold it down. And I feel like I did that on this tape. When I had [“God Don’t Make Mistakes”] complete, I went to Detroit, and I played it for [Eminem] and Paul [Rosenberg]. He loved it. Him and Paul ere like, “Shit, nothing for us to do here! This shit’s fire!” But he sent me some beats and shit. I cooked up some shit. But I don’t think it fits this tape. Plus, I was under

Take a listen to Conway The Machine`s Album tagged “God Don’t Make Mistakes”.

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