Benzino Edited Song to Make Eminem Look Racist, Says Bizarre

For years Benzino has been fuelling his crusade against Eminem pretending to be fighting racism and white dominance. His evidence, however, was tampered with before being made public.

A famous story goes around about guys in Detroit who provided already beefing Benzino with Eminem’s record where he used a racist slur and allowed disparaging comments about black girls.

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He said!!

Which reminds me, back in ’89, me
And Kim broke up for the first time; she was tryin’ to two-time me
And there was this black girl at our school who thought I was cool
‘Cause I rapped, so she was kinda eyein’ me
And oh the irony, guess what her name was?
Ain’t even gonna say it, plus
The same color hair as hers was and blue contacts
And a pair of jugs, the bombest goddamn girl in our whole school
If I could pull her, not only would I become more popular
But I would be able to piss Kim off at the same time
But it backfired
I was supposed to dump her, but she dumped me for this black guy
And that’s the last I ever seen or heard
Or spoke to the “Ole Foolish Pride” girl, but I’ve heard
People say they heard the tape, and it ain’t that bad
But it was: I singled out a whole race
And for that I apologize, I was wrong
‘Cause no matter what color a girl is, she’s still a—

This is a key moment in a story, as Bizarre told it on Vlad TV. It was not Eminem who singled out a whole race. That was Benzino. Bizarre didn’t even know that the song existed before Benzino played a snippet from “Ole Foolish Pride” at a press conference in 2003:

Added More

That was way before my time. Eminem was with another group at that time, so I knew none about it. The song was cut off and edited. He was freestyling and was naming all types of races, like, “White girl, what’d you think about a white girl? Black girl…” But The Source just edited the black girl part and made it like it was racist. So that’s the information for you.

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