Benzino Calls Off His Beef With Eminem

Benzino has spent years using Eminem’s name to build is own identity, but Benzino made a shocking statement: the beef is over, Eminem is one of the best in hip hop.

To all @Eminem fans & Stans all over the world, the beef is officially over. I’m letting y’all know I have no hate towards any of his fans & recognize his contributions to Hip Hop. He truly is part of the culture & 1 of the best to rock the mic regardless of his color.

I realize that me going back and forth with his fans is not good for the culture, my spirit, my legacy and most important, my beautiful, talented daughter Coi Leray. I don’t want any negativity from me affect her dream. This is truly over. God Bless All

I can say it now, I was wrong for it. Because at the end of the day, Em is a great lyricist and he should be able to express himself in hip-hop as anybody should. Em’s still doing his thing and he’s still a great influence on hip-hop. Hip-hop has bridged the cultures, white, black, Latino, Asian, it’s for everybody. I probably was an angry person back then. If I offended anybody with that, I apologize to hip-hop for that.

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